Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Favorites - October 19

Sorry for only one post this week... It's been another crazy week!!  I am still working on getting into the habit of sharing with you more often. :) 
And today's Friday favorites is actually going to be a little different.  My favorite for the week is an amazing opportunity to give {and something you should know about me, giving is my favorite thing! I love to give to others, especially when it helps them}
A dear friend of mine is in the process of adopting a cutie names Nico!  How can you not love that face?!  And as any adoption, it takes a lot of money.  So to raise money the McIntee family is having a giveaway on their blog!  By making a small donation, you will get the opportunity to win 1 of 5 amazing gifts - beautiful artwork by Nico's future big sister, a cute doll, Starbucks gift card, a balance bike and the GRAND PRIZE is an iPad!!  It only $5 for 1 entry and you can purchase as many as you'd like!! You can also earn bonus entries by sharing the giveaway with others!
Please consider what you can do to help bring Nico home - I am so excited for Kara and her family and am thrilled for the day I will be able to meet this little guy!
As always, have an amazing weekend!!
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